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50. “Think before you fly…”

For our third “Civics and Community” event at the Loudoun Field Cwnter in Lucketts, VA we sat down with Preston Huntington...

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49. “The cancellers are the real bigots…” Sophia A Nelson fighting the woke mob at CNU

For our 49th Episode, Butch has a very frank and open conversation with Sophia A. Nelson… a repeat guest to the...

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48. “Extend your soul to the hungry…”

This week’s episode is a wide-ranging conversation between Gary Mears, Pastor of Faith Chapel Community Church in Lucketts, Virginia, right down...

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47. “It starts with the right soil…”

School is in! And we’re launching IndED’s Civics and Community program at the Loudoun Field Center as part of their new...

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This is a project of Great Conversation(s), where citizens of all stripes and inclinations get a chance to exchange ideas civilly and rationally:

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Our Main Sponsor is Independent Education (IndED), a “MicroSchool” business in Leesburg, Virginia, supporting families with community-driven educational opportunities.


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Butch Porter

A native of Louisiana, and now an "edupreneur" in Northern Virginia, Butch creates the opportunity to dig deeply into issues to discover the love and the humor in things. It's all about good people exploring "Great Ideas."

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We have conversations with a variety of guests from all walks of life. These are people who are working to make the world a better place, from non-profits to politicians to business leaders.


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