45. “Education is about: character, communication, and community.”

Bahar Picariello, who was the FIRST guest on the Rules of the Game podcast a little over a year ago, returns to discuss the current drama going on in Loudoun County, VA, regarding gender politics, CRT, the handling of the pandemic year 2+, etc.

Along the way, we talk about what Bahar and Butch knew all along: that the public education system has lost its purpose, or at least it is pursuing purposes which are not congruent with a logical approach to education. The modern school system is built for:

1) College and Career Readiness
2) “Socialization”
3) Changing the world

Butch contends that it should be about:

1) Intellectual acuity
2) Communication Skills
3) Character Development

Bahar talks a little bit about the challenges that parents are facing and the conundrum of homeschooling and wanting some of the benefits of “school.” You can find her (“The Homeschool Ambassador” on FB at: https://www.facebook.com/thehomeschoolambassador )

Butch’s alternative (in conjunction with IndED) is the new Loudoun Field Center, a high school alternative launching in Lucketts, VA:


The field center is taking on the challenge of helping high school students escape the madness of modern education and finding peace and purpose through learning as a part of the community and not apart from it, as well as taking on opportunities to fail. On Tuesday, August 17, the Field Center will hold an information center at the Chapel. To RSVP, you can join the “Great Conversation(s)” group on Facebook, or you can check in here:

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Host, Butch Porter, has conversations in his home town of Leesburg, VA, with good people, exploring "Great Ideas" which extend beyond the local, but often start there. We'll set up opportunities to participate, in person and online, for all Americans who are looking to go beyond the teams and explore ideas with love and intellectual curiosity.

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