48. “Extend your soul to the hungry…”

This week’s episode is a wide-ranging conversation between Gary Mears, Pastor of Faith Chapel Community Church in Lucketts, Virginia, right down the road from the Loudoun Field Center; and Paul Gernhardt, the Center’s Executive Director.

Butch Porter facilitates the discussion, which touches on the subjects of “mega-churches” and on how churches create a sense of community and family; helping those in need; being a place of spiritual healing, and how a church and the faith which it represents necessarily operates differently than simply a non-profit or a club. There is even a discussion about sin.

More on Faith Chapel: https://www.faith-chapel.com

and it’s food pantry ministry: https://www.faith-chapel.com/our-food-pantry
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Loudoun Field Center (Lucketts, VA): https://loudounfieldcenter.org

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Host, Butch Porter, has conversations in his home town of Leesburg, VA, with good people, exploring "Great Ideas" which extend beyond the local, but often start there. We'll set up opportunities to participate, in person and online, for all Americans who are looking to go beyond the teams and explore ideas with love and intellectual curiosity.

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